Inside Prison: Britain Behind Bars - Coming to ITV

Our new docuseries is set to reveal life behind bars as never seen before across seven UK prisons.

Thanks to the unique and unprecedented access team Chalkboard was given, we've been able to film in these seven prisons spanning men’s and women’s estates.

The series will showcase a 360 degree, unflinching look at life behind bars, seen through the eyes of the men and women on the frontline of Britain’s jails, from prison officers to the prisoners they deal with on a daily basis.

Through the experiences of both trainee and veteran prison officers and the prisoners themselves, the series will offer a raw insight on what life on the inside is like for everyone in jail, on both sides of the cell doors.

We're delighted to have the opportunity to broadcast a fascinating and important look into the UK's prison system with this landmark documentary series.

Episode 1 will air on ITV on the 26th September, 2019.