My Wonderful Life

New factual series My Wonderful Life (w/t) to be made for Sky 1

MY WONDERFUL LIFE (working title) will give people who are dying the opportunity to take control over how they say goodbye to family, friends and others who have touched their lives in a unique and special way. The production team have received practical support from the National Council for Palliative Care, which leads the Dying Matters coalition.

Each episode will feature one main contributor who will record a series of personal and distinct messages; arrange for the delivery of gifts and organise surprises. All of which are delivered to the intended recipients after that individual has died.

Celebrities like Tony Benn, with his Will & Testament film, and Lynda Bellingham, whose book release and interviews prior to her recent death have shown us a more open dialogue about coming to terms with death. In My Wonderful Life (w/t) we are aiming to talk to, help and facilitate ordinary people to talk about their experiences and leave a personal memorial of their own choosing, in their own words, for those they have known and loved.

The tone of the series is deliberately warm and life-affirming, celebrating lives in a meaningful and uniquely individual way.

The National Council of Palliative Care, which leads the Dying Matters coalition, have given practical support to this thought-provoking and warm series which aims to celebrate ordinary people who want to say goodbye on their own terms by bestowing messages to the people who meant the most to them – be it their mother, father, sibling, oldest friend or even first teacher. The messages and gifts will be tailored to the recipients and delivered via a messenger or messengers, chosen by our contributor. 

Adam MacDonald, Director of Sky 1 said, “This series will be heartfelt, incredibly stirring and, at times, witty; one that turns our perception of ‘death’ on its head. Whilst we have no doubt that the series will be an emotional watch for our customers, the tone will be incredibly celebratory and the person featured in each episode will be remembered in a way that they choose.”

Toby Scott, Communications Manager at the National Council for Palliative Care which leads the Dying Matters Coalition said: “Despite some welcome progress, as a society we still find it difficult to talk openly about dying, death and bereavement and many of us are failing to share our end of life wishes with our loved ones. That’s why we think programmes such as My Wonderful Life are important, as they have the potential to demystify dying and show people the value of a more open approach to end of life issues.”